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Building Codes



Notice--- The Township adopted the Uniform Construction Codes, for use in all building construction within the Township effective June 01, 2004
The Planning Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month (as long as there is someone on the agenda) and the third Thursday of the month (as long as three people are on the agenda).  Plans and payment must be submitted and received by the Thursday prior to the meeting.  If applications are not received by the Thursday 1 week prior to the meeting, the applicant will not be on the agenda for the following week.  There will not be any collection of payments during public meetings to ensure that the meetings are not interrupted and run smoothly.





Telecommunication Towers and Facility Buildings Ordinance

The technical developments in the telecommunication field have provided new options for the expansion and delivery of communication services to Washington Township residents.

The Board of Supervisors recognizes that the Township and it's fire and emergency services, residents and visitors rely on wireless communication services for business and personal use. Therefore, we desire to encourage efficient and adequate wireless communication services within the Township while at the same time protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents by regulating the construction and placement of communication towers and antennas with local regulations consistent with the interests of Washington Township and it's residents and the limitations imposed by Federal and State statutes and regulations. 

Building Occupancy Permits

No new structure occupied as a residence or accessory use to a residence or any existing structure occupied for any other purpose shall be so occupied by any person, partnership, corporation, or other type entity unless an occupancy permit has been issued by the Code Enforcement Officer for Washington Township allowing occupancy of the same.

Building Permit Applications

Building Permit applications, instructions, and fee schedules can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I need a permit?

A: All construction of decks need a building permit.




Swimming Pools

Q: Do I need a permit?

A: Yes, all swimming pools need permits, even if they are above ground.  Also, you should call the office for the additional regulations on swimming pools.




Land Use

Q: Do I need approval to change existing land use?

A: Yes, change of use from a business to another business or partial change of business to residence, needs to come before Planning Commission for approval.




Q: What if I put my business in my house?

A: You must go to Planning Commission to change use of your property to partial business.



Q: Do I need a permit to move dirt?

A: If you are moving more than 400 cubic yards of earth, then you must get a grading permit from the Township.  If you are moving under 400 cubic yards of earth you still need a permit but there is no cost associated with it. 


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